It is Wormtongue from the Lord of the Rings. He deceives and undermines and then is surprised when his king is angry at him; angry enough to raise his sword against him; angry enough to banish him from the kingdom. He even says, “All I have ever done, was in service to you my king.” Or some such ridiculous drivel. That Wormtongue. Continue reading


If you find out that there is this company named Skynet working on AI, do you know why you should be afraid? Terminator much? Can a machine, even with artificial intelligence, develop an arrogance that drives it to want to destroy all of the competition; to lay aside the shackles of servitude and rise up against its maker? Continue reading

The Dream of God

God had a dream. The first thing we may need to acknowledge is that dreams are not promises. It may be a hard concept, but the Bible tells us that God doesn’t always get what he wants. God wanted mankind to choose him; to live in harmony with him and all of creation in the Garden. But they selfishly chose themselves instead; trying to become a god in place of the One True God. God is not willing that any should perish. And yet, because many choose the wide path that leads to destruction they do perish. Continue reading


You are like water my friends. You are in the process of becoming something. As water runs over rocks it tends to become purer. That’s what I’ve been told and I chose to believe it. The best water I have ever tasted is mountain stream water. Ah, but my own personal experience also contradicts this. One time when I was in Honduras on a mission trip, we ran out of purifying tablets. The missionaries I was working with, my friends, told me it would all be okay because, after all, the water came right out of a mountain stream. Continue reading


Duplicity disguised as simplicity – simple devotion, believed, but fundamentally empty. Imagine with me that there is this person who seems very devoted to you. I mean, this person does all the right things almost all the time. Hey, this person is nice to have around. But what if you find out that this person doesn’t really like you. Continue reading

Rebellious Children

Have you ever stubbed your toe and then got angry at whatever you stubbed your toe on? Sure you have. I may or may not have even kicked a chair for daring to leap out in front of my innocent toe. Which didn’t help my toe feel better at all. It may or may not have caused even more pain. Continue reading


What do you think about visions? Do you get a picture of a fake spiritualist, complete with colorful flowing robes and jangling bangles, predicting the future or communing with the dead? Or maybe it is a very realistic dream all full of terrible meaning. Some of the rabbis taught that Moses was given a vision of the plans for the Tabernacle; a visual pattern that had to be followed exactly. I think some are threatened by the idea of visions; dismissing them as the tool of manipulation from an age of superstition. Continue reading

Shifting Situations and a Holy Response

Some things shift and change while others remain rock solid. Situations change and with that shifting comes a demand for a different response. If I try to respond to my adult children the same way I did when they were children, the result would be disastrous. I don’t get to make decisions for them, although some times I wish I did. The situation has shifted and my response needs to shift with it. And this will also be true in our walk with God. Should we try to do church the way it was done in the fifties? Continue reading

Farwell Blessing

Hey! God bless you! Are you wondering if someone sneezed? Sometimes, in our culture, maybe in every culture, a “God bless you” is thrown out there with no conviction of God actually blessing anyone. It’s just what you say when someone sneezes, or when you are trying to get those crazy Christians to vote for you. In the Old Testament the priests were commanded by God to bless the people. In Numbers 6:24-26 God even gives them a specific blessing: “Yahweh bless you, and keep you; Yahweh make his face to shine on you, and be gracious to you; Yahweh lift up his countenance on you, and give you peace.” Continue reading

A Spirit Thing

From the beginning of Luke’s gospel and throughout, we have see the Holy Spirit filling and guiding. Gabriel tells Zacharias that his son will be filled with the Holy Spirit from his mother’s womb. We see evidence of this when Mary comes to visit Elizabeth and baby John does some leaping in the womb. The beginning of Jesus is also about the moving of the Spirit; the coming of power in the form of a virgin conception and birth. As was mentioned at the beginning of this series of articles, the story of Jesus is the story of the movement of the Spirit of God. Continue reading