My grandpa was a sharecropper near New Madrid, Missouri. Since that is not a common thing anymore, maybe I should explain what that means. He did not own the land. He was allowed to live and raise a crop on the land. His particular crop was cotton. The owner of the land received a portion… Read More ›

Fear and Awe in Jerusalem

Some things lose a sense of awe through familiarity. I think this is true of Easter. It is a conundrum. I mean, we want to be familiar with the resurrection of Jesus. It permeates everything. The Lord’s Supper breathes the story. We sing it; we pray it; we celebrate it. And once a year there… Read More ›


Who died and made you king? Remember that one? It was something we said when I was a kid, so you would have to be pretty old. One of your friends is getting a tad bossy and you have had enough. It is a basic wondering of where this authority to give you orders came… Read More ›

Be the Rabble

Okay, along comes this person who says and does things that is contrary to what you believe; what you have accepted your whole life. And the people love him; the people listen with rapt attention to everything that comes out of his mouth. His words and actions stomp all over your traditions. And maybe, there… Read More ›

Kingly Authority

What are your thoughts about a charity that is actually a front for bilking people out of their money? There is something here that angers us, isn’t there? More so, than when a for profit company that is caught cheating. Both are wrong, to be sure. But it feels different when people are giving money… Read More ›

Deserved Weeping

Jeremiah is known as the weeping prophet. Buck up Jeremiah. Judah is getting what they deserve. They are prideful; stiff-necked; rebellious. Years and years of turning their back on God and his holiness. Years and years of sacrificing their babies.


When I do a Bible study at the Youth Correction Center, some of the students come because I have snacks or because it is an opportunity to leave the cottage. I have heard several of the youth say, “I hate it when kids come just for the snacks.” I always respond with, “I’m okay with… Read More ›

Faithful Approach

What does faith look like? Is it a tool to subjugate God to our wants? In the book “Gone with the Wind” Scarlett O’Hara views prayer as a bargaining tool. “I will be good if you keep this bad thing from happening or make this good thing happen.” That sort of thing. And because that… Read More ›


In the book “Pride and Prejudice” Elizabeth’s cousin, Mr. Collins, proposed to her. I know. But the time frame allowed for that kind of thing. Now, Mr. Collins is a minister and he is well connected. After all, his patroness is the Lady DeBerg. Naturally, he expects Elizabeth to say “yes, of course I’ll marry… Read More ›

Kingdom Family

His name is Intong. Originally, he was from Laos and he, and his entire family, were Buddhist. He was a professor who was conscripted into the Vietnam army. Even though this was not his choice, he was determined to be a traitor and if he had returned to his homeland he would have been arrested…. Read More ›