The Stump of Jesse

In the winter of 2021, on the coldest day of the year, I discovered a snake in my office at a correction center. Following a worship, a young man had asked for a Bible. So, he followed me into my office. I looked down and saw a snake by the bathroom door. I said, “Oh,… Read More ›

The Oracle of the Forester

There is something about a forest. And just like countries, or churches let’s say, there are many different kinds of forests. Some forests are full of tall majestic trees growing almost equally spaced out and with almost no underbrush. Some forests are thick with thickets; so thick that unless there is a trail you will… Read More ›

Brace yourselves

Brace yourselves! So, are you the kind of person who wants to know exactly what sort of trying times are in front of you? Or, would you rather be surprised and ride that wave as best you can? Some predictions of mayhem are all about fear mongering. Maybe you’ll buy yourself some insurance. Some predictions… Read More ›

The Surgeon

“I recommend surgery.” Nobody wants to hear these words. I mean, it’s not like surgery is fun. And recovery is no picnic either. It can be threatening and scary to face surgery. Ah, but that alternative thing. The on-going and worsening pain; the whole “if it is not dealt with now, it will only get… Read More ›

The Cause of Consequences

I may have said this before, but consequences are kind of important. We may not like the painful experience, but without it, chaos reigns . . . well, chaotically. So, we need those consequences because inconsequential chaos is bad boys and girls. The only question is will we survive it and will they do what… Read More ›

Assyria the Tool

I had a tree in my back yard that we decided needed to go away. Let’s say that it was a rebellious tree. Well, it’s my land and I don’t want rebellious trees hanging about. There is another tree in the front yard that needed to be pruned up; some of its branches were hanging… Read More ›

Ah, Alas

In the old police drama “Barretta,” Barretta would often say, “If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime.” What a sage that Barretta was. And how many shows have we watched or books have we read where a character says, “I can’t go back to prison.” And don’t we want to shout, “Then… Read More ›

Wickedness is a Raging Fire

Wickedness is a raging fire. It is a self-absorbed flame licking up all in its path. It is a self-destructive flame feeding on itself. Have you heard about a controlled burn? The problem with a controlled burn is that it can easily become an uncontrollable conflagration. Wickedness cannot be controlled. What I mean by that… Read More ›

Choosing the Lie

In the movie the Matrix, the one who ends up betraying Morpheus and everyone else, does so because he wants to be plugged back into the lie. The truth is too stark; too real. He knows that, in reality he will be in a pod and plugged into the Matrix; that he won’t really be… Read More ›

Failed Discipline

Discipline, when done well, is all about relationship. My wife watches our grandchildren. In the process of the day, there are moments when she tells them “NO!” or scolds them. They often respond with tears. And in that moment of hurting, the person they want most, is their Grandma. They may not fully understand that… Read More ›