Do you know Jesus? Have you ever had a “coming to Jesus” moment? What does that even mean? For some, knowing Jesus is a grasping at an ideal. Well, there is some truth here. But some do a whole lot of grasping without any opening of the Bible. Some even delve into secondary sources to… Read More ›

Women Witnesses

In the Roman Empire a woman’s testimony was not legally valid. Male chauvinist much. This is so much more than giving a wife a pass on testifying against her husband. Nothing was legally validated through the witness of women. If you want to believe your wife that a tsunami is rushing toward the house, well,… Read More ›


In one of his songs KB asked “Why do the good dye young?” Then he answers the question with, “That only happened once.” I understand what he means, but the truth is the Bible calls many a person good. I know that these people are not good in the same way that Jesus is good…. Read More ›

Into Your Hands

Within the current cultural current there seems to be a lot of fear mongering. Fear COVID! Fear the government! Fear the scientists! Fear the politicians! Fear the conspiracy theorists! And interestingly, within this there is a lot of accusing the other side of whatever fear fence people seem to be standing behind of living a… Read More ›

Criminal Like Me

I walked into the chapel in prison. As the men came in, I began to hear about an attack that had happened not too long before. One of the men who regularly attended the Bible study was beat into the hospital. His attacker put several pad locks into a sock and then swung with determination…. Read More ›


I can remember when I went to the theatre to watch “The Passion of Christ.” When the movie was over the theatre was full of stunned silence. I can remember my son being overwhelmed with the image of soldiers beating Jesus and laughing and drinking as they drove the nails through flesh and wood as… Read More ›

Compassionate Warning

You’ve heard it before. I can’t worry about other people I have to take care of myself. And the professed goal is, “If I nurture myself to a state of health well, then, maybe I can help others.” I wonder if people can get stuck in a taking care of self swamp. It may look… Read More ›


Remember the Native American story; the one where the grandfather is explaining to his grandson that every person has two wolves inside of them – an evil wolf and a good wolf? Okay, so picture these two wolves. One is snarling and all full of evil intent, longing to bite and rip apart. The other… Read More ›

Training Jesus

I am a chaplain at a youth correction center. Most of the students I deal with are good kids. Oh sure, they messed up. But with a little training, they’ll be alright. The goal of the youth correction center is not merely punishment. The primary goal is correction. Just like the name implies. But can… Read More ›

A Circus Performer Belief

In the movie “Gladiator” Russel Crowe plays Maximus who is, well, a gladiator. His master tells him that he needs to play to the crowds; to give them what they want. In one scene, he quickly dispatches with his opponents. This is followed by stunned silence. Maximus yells out “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!” Then he… Read More ›