Training Jesus

I am a chaplain at a youth correction center. Most of the students I deal with are good kids. Oh sure, they messed up. But with a little training, they’ll be alright. The goal of the youth correction center is not merely punishment. The primary goal is correction. Just like the name implies. But can… Read More ›

A Circus Performer Belief

In the movie “Gladiator” Russel Crowe plays Maximus who is, well, a gladiator. His master tells him that he needs to play to the crowds; to give them what they want. In one scene, he quickly dispatches with his opponents. This is followed by stunned silence. Maximus yells out “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!” Then he… Read More ›

No Blanky Belief

I get asked somewhat frequently if I really believe in Jesus. I always answer with a simple “Yes.” Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn’t respond with a “Do you say Jesus is King?” Does that seem jarring; incongruous? But this question should be a heavy question. I minister among young people who claim a belief… Read More ›

Lingering Unbelief

Just the other day, I had a young man ask me questions about God and hell. But here’s the thing, he was not seeking an answer. He was not wanting to discuss differences we may have. He was intent on painting God as a dictator who forces compliance through threats of eternal punishment. He asked… Read More ›

The Insult Game

It is not a game when it is not fun for everyone. It is not a joke when it humiliates or hurts a person. When I was in Junior High School a group of much larger young men thought it would be fun to play, “Let’s set Walter on top of the water fountain and… Read More ›

Descending Darkness

Is there any moment when God is in danger of being defeated? Did you experience an almost visceral cry of “NO! Of course not!” here? We believe God is in control, don’t we? We believe that no matter how bad things may look, God is sovereign. The battle between good and evil is not a… Read More ›

Crisis Prayer

We all face times of crisis in this life. How do we face those times without being overwhelmed? Some hold onto a belief that God will keep the crisis at bay or remove it or take us out of it. And sometimes I believe that is exactly what God does. But does he always? There… Read More ›

Buckle Up

Buckle up, its going to be a bumpy ride. How many of you ran out to your car and buckled up? We know this is a saying. It is meant to warn of coming unpleasant bumpiness. Sometimes when we want to warn people that things are about to get dangerous, we may use language that… Read More ›

After the Sifting

In the first two chapters of the book of Job, you see this discussion between God and Satan. God says, “Hey Satan, Have you considered my boy Job?” To which Satan responds with, “Of course he’s your boy. You have kept a fence of protection around him. Let me do some damage to the things… Read More ›