Saving Delegation

What does leadership look like to you? Do you want someone who makes unilateral decisions for the whole group? I have never wanted to be that guy. Not in my family and not in my ministry. I kind of like it when I can defer to someone else; when I can say, “you need to talk to this person.” “Go ask your mother” can be an effective leadership move. Now, it could also be simple deflection of responsibility, but that is not our topic today. Continue reading

Circumstantial Thanks

We tend to think that circumstances make us happy. And if that be the case then the only way we can be happy in God is if he breaks into our reality and shapes our circumstances into joyful occurrences. My brothers and sisters in Honduras will need to stop praying “Gracias del Senior” because they live in oppressive poverty. Continue reading

Who Is Working Who

Some think that Judas betrayed Jesus in an attempt to hurry him along; that he felt that Jesus was dawdling and going about the Messiah thing all wrong. So, he handed him over to his enemies in an attempt to force his hand; to make him rise up and be the Messiah Judah longed for. Since we are not told, Judah’s motives will remain a pure guess. Continue reading

Among Us

Are you with me? If you are talking to a bunch of strangers, this may not be a significant question. I mean it may still be important. Say, if you are trying to rally the town’s people, in which you are the outsider,  to help you stand against those bad guys. But it still cannot hold as much weight if the question is posed to the person you desperately long to be with you. Continue reading

Proof of Providence

I think it just might be a good idea for every parent to preserve a box of mementoes to present to their children when they venture out on their own. You know, when they are most likely to forget some things. Like how certain parents helped them arrive at this moment. In this box there should be at least one dirty diaper. Continue reading


God made us complete with the need to rest. In the book “The Overload Syndrome” the author, who is an MD, states that when people work over 60 hours a week, their productivity goes way down. So, companies that work their employees more than 60 hours in a week may be getting more hours, but they are getting less productivity. Continue reading


It is kind of a natural question when you encounter something strange; “What is that?” Especially when it looks like nothing you have seen before. When I was growing up, there were some dinners that were full of that question. Four children looking at strange meat and asking “What is that?” My parents were poor and if we were going to eat meat – and the doctor told them that I got pneumonia because I wasn’t eating enough meat – it was going to be the cheap, interesting meat. So, a cow tongue sat there on a serving plate. Continue reading

The Christmas Story

When I was growing up, my family did not celebrate Christmas. I don’t mean that we didn’t celebrate it as the birth of Christ. I mean we didn’t do Christmas. Apparently my uncle convinced my parents that Christmas was founded upon pagan traditions. The church we were a part of, could sing songs like “Silent Night” but not in December. Continue reading

The Grumble Train

Almost a month ago I had surgery on my left shoulder. The reason for the surgery? I was experiencing a sharp pain that would at times double me over. I hurt myself preaching once, which I believe is a sure sign of getting old. This pain would often keep me awake at night and I happen to like my sleep. Surgery seemed to be the answer. Continue reading

The Healer

This analogy comes from the sitcom “Man with a Plan”. I have seen the show once, so referencing the analogy is not an endorsement of the show itself. But the analogy is pretty good. The husband and father of the show played by Matt Lablanc finds himself in the new role of taking care of his three children while his wife goes back to work. Selfishly, he tells his wife that he wants out after one difficult day. He explains, “I want to be Johnny Cash, not the warden. Continue reading