Justice For All

What If you lived in a place where justice was decided by the majority? As long as the majority is right, that would be okay. But what about when the majority is just plain wrong? I mean, what if the majority was easily swayed? And what if they were easily swayed against you? That would stink. Okay, now what if you lived in a place where justice is decided by the wealthy? And I’m not talking about the wealthy being able to afford the better attorneys. I’m talking about money swaying the judge or the policy makers. Continue reading

Not Treating Lightly

At the risk of offending those of you who are cat lovers, let me tell you why I am not a cat person. We have a cat named Otis and I think he is a pretty typical cat. We provide the beast, I mean precious cat, with food, water, shelter, and an occasional fur brushing. We don’t have very many rules. Don’t destroy the furniture is a big one. Continue reading

Enable the Unable

When I was in junior high, I was an easy target. I was small for my age and I was too scared to fight back. So, an easy target. Nothing serious mind you. Just minor things like hitting me over the head with tennis rackets during PE or clipping an alligator clip (or as the brave young man who accomplished this amazing feat would refer to it, a roach clip) to the middle of my back just where I could not reach it, while everyone laughed at my distress. Continue reading


I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have been chosen by an international banker or an heiress to some large fortune to launder money. They just need to get the money to the United States and for my assistance they’ll let me keep five million dollars. Continue reading

Respect of Property

When I was living in the Netherlands a friend of mine asked me to help him pick up a Mercedes for a friend. My friend asked if I wanted to drive the Mercedes. Heck yeah! As a twenty-one year old I didn’t even calculate the risk of driving someone else’s very expensive car in unfamiliar territory. Continue reading

Community Works

Years ago, my brother-in-law was walking between two parked cars in a parking lot. A dog lurched at him from one of the cars and tore up his forearm. The dog’s owner, thankfully unsuccessfully, tried to accuse him of taunting the dog. Continue reading

Enforced Consequences

What are your thoughts concerning punishment? Our society doesn’t seem to like the word. There is this thought out there that if you punish a person, you will only succeed in making them sneakier. In other words, they will continue to perform the negative behavior, but they will do so in a way that avoids detection. Maybe. But if there is no punishment, they will continue the behavior openly. Awhile back, my wife was struck by a student while she was working in a school. This young man faced no punishment. Continue reading

Altars of Dirt

In the movie “Indian Jones and the Last Crusade” Indiana is searching for the holy grail; the cup that Jesus took up at the Last Supper. Drinking from this cup is said to heal all wounds and provide, if not eternal, then prolonged, life. I know that the physical cup can do nothing. It is Jesus who heals all wounds and gives life. You know, just in case you were unsure of my understanding the difference between Bible and Indiana Jones. Continue reading

Loving People Well

The other day, I watched the movie “Mommie Dearest” on TV. This movie claims to be an accurate account of the actress Joan Crawford. If the movie is accurate, Joan did not love well. She was completely self absorbed; everything orbited around her and her career. For reasons unknown she adopted a little girl named Christina. Christina could do nothing right. In one of many intense scenes, after Crawford was dropped by a movie studio, she comes unglued because Christina hung her dresses on metal hangers. Continue reading