Sacred Space

Think of the most important, powerful, and well respected person in the world. Let’s say this person is so wealthy and powerful and good, that you are a bit awed by them. Now, what if he or she told you that they are coming to live with you; camping out in your house for as long as you have life? Would you fix up a room? Would you completely redo the whole house? Continue reading

Consuming Fire

As the Israelites camped at the foot of Mount Sinai; as their leaders were somewhere up on that mountain; as Moses had climbed even higher up, they witnessed a cloud cover the mountain and then from their vantage point it looked as if a consuming fire was consuming and devouring the top of the mountain. And that is what Moses had walked into; a devouring fire; the very glory of Yahweh. And if Yahweh showed up today to have a sit down meeting with us, he would still be a consuming fire. God’s nature has not changed. Continue reading

Devastating Holiness

I could be wrong, but it seems that some people spend much of their time trying to tame God; to make him more palatable for the masses. The earliest extant list of the Bible was composed by a man named Marcion. Marcion believed that the God of the Old Testament was evil and that Jesus, the God of the New Testament, came to rescue us from the tyrant God. Most probably would not make that sharp of a distinction, but it does seem as if many think that Jesus came to clean up God’s image; to tone him down a tad. Continue reading

Ceremony and Honor

I have been in churches where, when the Bible is read everyone stands. I like that. I don’t think it should be a law or anything, but it does communicate respect. You see God’s communication is more than a nice story. It is more than instructions. It is deserving of our reverential respect. Continue reading

Relationship Offered

The goal is relationship. But what is that relationship going to look like? We get into all kinds of problems when we blur the lines of relationship. My relationship with my cat should look different than my relationship with my children. My relationship with my wife should look different than my relationship with anyone else. Continue reading

Pilgrim Feasts

We are not under the Law of Moses. So, you and I are not commanded to observe pilgrim feasts three times a year. Which is good because who could afford to travel to Jerusalem three times between the months of March and September or April and October? Crazy lunar calendar. But I think we may miss something here as well. Continue reading

What is Life

The Star Trek series often posed the question, “What constitutes life?” Now isn’t that an important question? The answer to that question determines treatment. What we deem as “not life,” we tend to use up or discard. And this question lays heavily on the heart of the abortion debate. When does life begin? If I can scientifically prove or validate that an embryo is not “life” it can be discarded if I deem it to be inconvenient or too emotionally difficult or somehow a risk to myself. But if that embryo is “life” then discarding it becomes criminal and immoral. And isn’t it ironic that we will go to great lengths to save the lives of some owls, but not even blink at the casual and clinical destruction of babies. Continue reading

Justice For All

What If you lived in a place where justice was decided by the majority? As long as the majority is right, that would be okay. But what about when the majority is just plain wrong? I mean, what if the majority was easily swayed? And what if they were easily swayed against you? That would stink. Okay, now what if you lived in a place where justice is decided by the wealthy? And I’m not talking about the wealthy being able to afford the better attorneys. I’m talking about money swaying the judge or the policy makers. Continue reading

Not Treating Lightly

At the risk of offending those of you who are cat lovers, let me tell you why I am not a cat person. We have a cat named Otis and I think he is a pretty typical cat. We provide the beast, I mean precious cat, with food, water, shelter, and an occasional fur brushing. We don’t have very many rules. Don’t destroy the furniture is a big one. Continue reading

Enable the Unable

When I was in junior high, I was an easy target. I was small for my age and I was too scared to fight back. So, an easy target. Nothing serious mind you. Just minor things like hitting me over the head with tennis rackets during PE or clipping an alligator clip (or as the brave young man who accomplished this amazing feat would refer to it, a roach clip) to the middle of my back just where I could not reach it, while everyone laughed at my distress. Continue reading