Respect of Property

When I was living in the Netherlands a friend of mine asked me to help him pick up a Mercedes for a friend. My friend asked if I wanted to drive the Mercedes. Heck yeah! As a twenty-one year old I didn’t even calculate the risk of driving someone else’s very expensive car in unfamiliar… Read More ›

Community Works

Years ago, my brother-in-law was walking between two parked cars in a parking lot. A dog lurched at him from one of the cars and tore up his forearm. The dog’s owner, thankfully unsuccessfully, tried to accuse him of taunting the dog.

Enforced Consequences

What are your thoughts concerning punishment? Our society doesn’t seem to like the word. There is this thought out there that if you punish a person, you will only succeed in making them sneakier. In other words, they will continue to perform the negative behavior, but they will do so in a way that avoids… Read More ›

Protecting the Powerless

All men are created equal! Really? If we mean by this that all men will have equal rights and opportunity, then the statement is patently false in every country. There are the wealthy and the poor; you have bosses and employees; there are the powerful and the marginalized.

Altars of Dirt

In the movie “Indian Jones and the Last Crusade” Indiana is searching for the holy grail; the cup that Jesus took up at the Last Supper. Drinking from this cup is said to heal all wounds and provide, if not eternal, then prolonged, life. I know that the physical cup can do nothing. It is… Read More ›

Loving People Well

The other day, I watched the movie “Mommie Dearest” on TV. This movie claims to be an accurate account of the actress Joan Crawford. If the movie is accurate, Joan did not love well. She was completely self absorbed; everything orbited around her and her career. For reasons unknown she adopted a little girl named… Read More ›

Loving God Well

Love has rules. It is something we can gage. We can look into the life of a person and say, “That person loves well,” or “That person flopped in love.” Love is not happenstance; a luck of the draw; a chance meeting in a crowded room. God loves you. He did not fall in love… Read More ›

Awesome Awesomeness

I know that I have asked the question already in this series of articles, but sometimes repetition is necessary for our health, so here we go again; How do you view God? Is he like George Burns, a little old man smoking on a cigar and cracking jokes? Is he more like Morgan Freeman, a… Read More ›

Preparations For Holiness

What if someone showed up to their wedding all filthy and gross? Picture their clothes all muddy and tattered. Picture hair in disarray and unkempt. Picture grime caked in on skin, clothes, hair and teeth. What if this couple had nice clothes; what if they had a washing machine and a shower; what if they… Read More ›

Covenant Relationship Anyone

Some babies are born into families where the relationship never rises above mere parental obligation. Though it is rarely verbally communicated, they hear clearly the message, “I will feed, clothe and house you because that is what society demands of a parent. Don’t expect anything else from this relationship. I’ll do what I must to… Read More ›