You messed up! You damaged the relationship! It is all on you! Until you accept the truth of this you will not grasp the glory of Yahweh’s Presence. Some people read the Bible with jaded hearts seeing inconsistencies and reasons to cast dispersions upon God. Is he seeking redemption or control? Is he the Savior or the tyrant? Continue reading

The Heart of Worship

I believe worship is extremely important. But I also believe that most of our fighting over worship boils down to what we want. We waltz on in and complain about not starting on time – those people and their fellowshipping, actually enjoying one another’s company. Then we get unhappy about the song selection. Continue reading

Who’s a Saint

Who is a saint? We disclaim any claim to sainthood when we mess up; “I’m no saint, you know.” This seems to imply that saints don’t mess up. They don’t struggle with sin. They don’t wrestle with doubts. And hey, are saints dead people who lived an otherwise unobtainable existence for us normal slugs – larger than life super spiritual heroes of the faith? Biblically speaking, saints are those who are set apart, not for common use, dedicated to God, disciples. Every follower of Jesus is a saint. Continue reading

Amazing Yaweh

Periodically, I show the series “The Bible” to the students at a youth correction facility. The scenes depicting the Israelites in the wilderness make me laugh. Maybe they had money constraints. Who knows? But the Israelites are depicted as this small band of wanderers. You know, a small band of maybe a couple hundred which would have been super easy for God to provide for in the wilderness. Exodus 38:26 tells us there were 603,550 men who were twenty years old and older. And that boys and girls is just the adult men. Continue reading

Holiness Turned

Psalm 52:8 says, “But as for me, I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the lovingkindness of God forever and ever.” One of the early church fathers – I can’t remember which one and I don’t have the time or inclination to try to find out – claimed that this Psalm was allegorically stating that virginity was the highest calling within Christianity. Continue reading


Some people approach serving God as if they are negotiating a work agreement. God says, “Serve me!” The perspective servant replies, “Alright. I get two days off a week. I don’t do windows. Any work I do will need to be under the creative license clause I have submitted for your perusal. All praise and glory of work accomplished is mine by copyright law. Continue reading

Preparation and Change

Not too long ago, I told my mom that she and my dad could come and live with us. This was not the first time the offer had been made and I really didn’t expect her to jump all over it. The North Dakota winters scare her. But if they were out of options and they decided to come here, we would have to prepare for them to move in. Continue reading

Heart Response

Some people are fairly jaded when it comes to the generosity of others; always questioning motives; always assuming evil intent. Was that large financial gift a mere tax right off? Or was it seeking after the praise of others? Or maybe it was motivated by sheer guilt; an attempt to assuage their own tattered conscience. And when ulterior motives are assigned to others is this a deflection; an attempt to detract attention from one’s own lack of generosity? The reality is that sometimes people give with evil motives. Continue reading

Sabbath Thread

You’ve seen the cartoons where someone or something pulls on a thread and everything unravels. Like that one thread holds everything together; whether it be a sweater or the very fabric of the universe. One strand rules them all. Ah, a Lord of the Rings reference. But kind of like that. There are threads in the Bible; concepts that run through, intertwining and holding things together. Love is like that. Continue reading

All Aglow

You tell your friends about this amazing movie; a movie that moved you in significant ways. Maybe it gave you a different perspective on the suffering of the oppressed. Your friends go to see the movie and you excitedly ask them how it was. They respond with an “ehh, it was okay.” What? How can they not feel the significance? Continue reading