Cracked Vessels

The story is told of an old rabbi, all poor and ragged in appearance, who happened upon the daughter of the emperor. This princess proceeded to poke fun at the old man’s plain and pitiable appearance. The rabbi responded with, “You know what is interesting my lady? Your father stores his best wine in vessels of clay.” Continue reading

Ministry Ablaze

The word of God is culturally relevant. God breathed his message in songs; poetry; laws; parables; narratives; letters; lists; and most importantly in the life of Jesus. Paul used sports analogies that would resonate with his society; spewed rhetoric that would delight the rhetoric geeks; and threw in some military examples that most would have been familiar with. Continue reading

Unveiled Glory

The other day a young man asked me, “If there is a God, then why don’t the really smart people believe in him?” As the conversation clipped along, it became very clear that he was saying that only stupid people could believe in God.    Continue reading