Let the Symbol Slay You

Symbols are important, but only if you honor the meaning of the symbol. Some people wear a ring; a symbol of their devotion and unending commitment and love to their spouse, without a thought to what that ring symbolizes. In this case, the ring means absolutely nothing. It holds no power and no meaning. Continue reading

One More

One more. This could be a statement of intended indulgence; just one more bite to jam into an already bulging stomach; just one more drink before I give it up for good; just one more . . . But it can also be a heart wrenching acknowledgment that one more thing must happen to make the horror end. And the one more thing may just be a horror itself. Continue reading


In the movie “Young Lions” Marlon Brando plays a German during World War II. At the beginning of the movie, before the war broke out, he expresses his belief to an American woman that Hitler is changing things for the better; the economy is improving; the job market is breathing again; the people are waking up to a joy that had long been dormant. She, of course cannot understand. She hasn’t watched her family go hungry with hope dwindling by a thread. So, when the world is swept up into war, Brando’s character is a Nazi officer. Continue reading

Kicking Against the Goads

In all the years that I have worked at Bible camps, I have only had to send one person home. This was a young lady who had organized her cabin into a gang and had successfully terrorized another cabin of girls to the point that they were afraid to leave their cabin. One of the staff also witnessed this girl stealing items out of the target cabin. The items were found in her possession. Continue reading

Septic Sores

I was watching our cat Gandolph as he was tracking some turkeys up the hill from our house. Now, Gandolph was a hunter. He often brought his kills to the house as gifts of his prowess. “Hey look what I killed for you!” He dragged home dead or near dead mice, bunnies, and birds. I could tell by his stance that Gandolph was preparing to charge up the hill and pounce on those turkeys. Sure enough, he shot up the hill. And then, maybe even a little bit faster than he ran up, he ran right back down the hill. I wonder when it hit him. Continue reading

Pushing Match

My uncle had a bull who thought the neighbor’s cows were better than my uncle’s. The grass is greener and all that. And because of this, the dumb bull was constantly jumping or breaking through fences to get to those allegedly superior cows. One time he was in the neighbor’s pasture all by his lonesome. Continue reading

Personal God

If you say a prayer in faith and God has to do what you ask, who is in the position of power? And have we reduced God to some kind of genie in a lamp? Rub the lamp and out pops God asking, “What do you want master?” Or maybe he is like some kind of cosmic vending machine; plop in your prayer, maybe even add some fasting, and out comes what you paid for. And which side is God on? Is he American? Continue reading

Blood and Water

There once was this society that sprung up beside a mighty river. They noticed right away how important the river was. Every spring the water rose above the banks and watered the land, preparing the soil for all manner of crops. And because it was a mighty river, there was enough water for their livestock and for themselves; their families. Continue reading