Beyond the Rust

What are your thoughts about the Millennium Falcon? O sure, Hans Solo loves his ship, even when he has to coax it into achieving hyper drive. But everyone else sees a bucket of bolts; a rusty piece of junk held together by scrap metal and Wookie ingenuity. But that hunk of rusty metal got the heroes of Star Wars out of many a tight space, if just barely. And now my son has a Lego model. Continue reading

Deed Hammer

In Frank Perreti’s “The Oath” sin becomes a visible black inky oozing mark that spreads out from the chest and attracts this dragon like beast in for the kill. Deeds leave marks. Good and bad. I may not be able to see them, but there is one who can and you will stand before him one day all marked up. Continue reading

Unseen Glory

Weird things are happening to my body. Is it really necessary for my eyebrows to grow into my eyeballs? And why won’t my finger that I jammed a couple of years ago heal already? I don’t even want to talk about my toenails. Why are liver spots a thing? Does anybody know? Continue reading

A Portrait of Ministry

In Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray”, the main character agrees to sit as a friend paints his portrait. The picture is stunning. Dorian Gray is a handsome young man. He takes the painting home and weeps because he must grow old while this painting will forever remain young and beautiful. Continue reading

Cracked Vessels

The story is told of an old rabbi, all poor and ragged in appearance, who happened upon the daughter of the emperor. This princess proceeded to poke fun at the old man’s plain and pitiable appearance. The rabbi responded with, “You know what is interesting my lady? Your father stores his best wine in vessels of clay.” Continue reading

Ministry Ablaze

The word of God is culturally relevant. God breathed his message in songs; poetry; laws; parables; narratives; letters; lists; and most importantly in the life of Jesus. Paul used sports analogies that would resonate with his society; spewed rhetoric that would delight the rhetoric geeks; and threw in some military examples that most would have been familiar with. Continue reading

Unveiled Glory

The other day a young man asked me, “If there is a God, then why don’t the really smart people believe in him?” As the conversation clipped along, it became very clear that he was saying that only stupid people could believe in God.    Continue reading