It is kind of a natural question when you encounter something strange; “What is that?” Especially when it looks like nothing you have seen before. When I was growing up, there were some dinners that were full of that question. Four children looking at strange meat and asking “What is that?” My parents were poor… Read More ›

The Christmas Story

When I was growing up, my family did not celebrate Christmas. I don’t mean that we didn’t celebrate it as the birth of Christ. I mean we didn’t do Christmas. Apparently my uncle convinced my parents that Christmas was founded upon pagan traditions. The church we were a part of, could sing songs like “Silent… Read More ›

The Grumble Train

Almost a month ago I had surgery on my left shoulder. The reason for the surgery? I was experiencing a sharp pain that would at times double me over. I hurt myself preaching once, which I believe is a sure sign of getting old. This pain would often keep me awake at night and I… Read More ›

The Healer

This analogy comes from the sitcom “Man with a Plan”. I have seen the show once, so referencing the analogy is not an endorsement of the show itself. But the analogy is pretty good. The husband and father of the show played by Matt Lablanc finds himself in the new role of taking care of… Read More ›

Good Chaos

Let’s say that your country is at war. There is much at stake. If the enemy wins – and they most certainly will win because they are stronger and have superior weaponry – they will show no mercy. Fields will be burned; innocents will be slain; and the living will be subjected to cruel treatment… Read More ›

Praise for the Wilderness

Most of the time, when I am in prison conducting a Bible study, there is conversation before the study begins. This conversation will often include complaints about prison life. One gentleman is particularly negative and views prison management, or management wherever it is found, as the spawn of Satan.

Coloring God

It is hard to describe a sunset; to illustrate the feelings that well up inside of us as colors splash across the horizon. We may be able to name the colors in the rainbow, especially if we have memorized the acrostic, but does that explain why we get so excited to see one? It is… Read More ›

God’s Hand

God is a storm. God is an earthquake. God is a volcanic eruption. There are forces out there that are beyond our control. Some time ago we watched as one hundred mile down drafts turned the city we lived in into a war zone. Huge limbs tore away, and proud trees toppled. And it was… Read More ›

Kicking Against the Goads

In all the years that I have worked at Bible camps, I have only had to send one person home. This was a young lady who had organized her cabin into a gang and had successfully terrorized another cabin of girls to the point that they were afraid to leave their cabin. One of the… Read More ›