The Kingdom Within

I am not a scientist. My brain just does not work that way. As a matter of fact my brain recoils at the sight of scientific equations. Quantum theory, string theory, and all the other theories end up befuddling my feeble attempts to understand. I know enough to know that not everything can be chucked… Read More ›

Traveling Thanks

We kind of expect our parents to take care of us; to love us; to show kindness. I know that it doesn’t always work that way, but there is something in us that expects it. So much so that when it doesn’t happen we feel the incongruity. But when we expect it there may be… Read More ›

Approaching Service

I can remember when people would ask me if I were babysitting my own children. Hmm. They are my children. Of course I am not babysitting them. I am providing care because that is what a dad does. This should not be considered an above the norm behavior. And within that question there is this… Read More ›

Rebuke and Forgive

A while back I was speaking to this young man who told me he was agnostic. He said, “My problem with Christianity is that it is too easy.” I asked him what he meant and he said, “If you mess up you just say ‘sorry’ and God forgives you, right?” I said “Yes, that is… Read More ›

Slaving for Wealth

Some think that the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus is a reversal of fortune tale. There is definitely a reversal of fortune involved in the tale. The wealthy comfortable does become tormented in the afterlife and the poor tormented finds himself in a place of honor and comfort. Fortunes reversed. So, is this… Read More ›

What to Wear

It’s Sunday morning! Time to get all spiffy and ready to go to church. What to wear? What lies at the heart of that question? Who are we dressing for? Have you ever felt like putting on church clothes is about more than clothes? Dress up to get those complements so they won’t notice the… Read More ›

Who Are You Slaving For

Imagine all that can be done with money. I am guessing here but I imagine that wealth can become something you tend to trust in; to rely upon for meeting all of life’s needs. The truth seems to be, again I’m guessing here, money makes life easier; less worrisome. Actually, I am not guessing, really…. Read More ›

Vantage Point

From which vantage point you are viewing Jesus. Are you looking in from the vantage point of the Pharisees and the scribes; the sons of light? Well, then Jesus seems to be a downright sin monger, or, at the very least, a defender of the wretched and a harsh critic of the righteous. And one… Read More ›

The Lost Older Son

There once was this person who was a pillar in their church. They never missed a worship; a Bible study; a gathering of any kind. This person attached themselves to as many ministry teams as humanly possible. Others looked up to them. Others wondered at their stamina and drive. But somewhere along the way all… Read More ›

The Lost Younger Son

Let me ask you; have you ever been prodigal? Truth be told, I had to look the word up. I assumed all of these years that it meant something like “lost” or “wandering away from.” But instead, it means “wasteful, reckless,” and it is connected to spending habits. So, is it the Parable of the… Read More ›