Intensifying the Rules

So, your newly licensed teenager is asking to borrow the family car. They have been responsible; they have passed the test; they seem generally trustworthy. You go over some ground rules – like obeying those inconvenient signs that want you to drive 25 miles an hour within residential areas along with all manner of driving… Read More ›


Surely the people who enter into the very presence of God are holier than say those who don’t. Surely they are smarter or wiser or more knowledgeable in the ways of Yahweh. There is a danger lurking here. We, as God’s people can begin to believe we are God’s people because, well, we understand what… Read More ›


Awhile back I had surgery on my shoulder. Picture the surgeon standing there in his regular clothes, no mask, no gown, no telescoped glasses and with nothing in his hands. Now, how is he supposed to do surgery with nothing in his hand? That is not how I want to picture my surgeon. Let’s fill… Read More ›

Awesome Awesomeness

I know that I have asked the question already in this series of articles, but sometimes repetition is necessary for our health, so here we go again; How do you view God? Is he like George Burns, a little old man smoking on a cigar and cracking jokes? Is he more like Morgan Freeman, a… Read More ›

Covenant Relationship Anyone

Some babies are born into families where the relationship never rises above mere parental obligation. Though it is rarely verbally communicated, they hear clearly the message, “I will feed, clothe and house you because that is what society demands of a parent. Don’t expect anything else from this relationship. I’ll do what I must to… Read More ›

The Chief Month

March 1, 1963 was the day I came screaming into the world. It was the day my life outside of the womb began. Most years I celebrate the day with my family. My coming into the world has influenced their existence you know.

Which Power

God’s Presence is here to do battle. There is no real question of whether or not he can vanquish the enemy. So, why hasn’t he? Why hasn’t he just wiped Satan out and all that he stands for?  I mean, sometimes don’t you wish he would? Ah, but the Presence of God is not here… Read More ›

The Painful Path

On Saturday morning you can watch complicated issues resolved in thirty-minute or hour long Westerns on ME TV. Hey, evil people will often come to their senses inexplicably in the last minute of the show. I would like to believe that people will come to see the truth through my acts of kindness and love.


What are your credentials? What do you have that tells others that you are qualified for the job? It is kind of funny what some people will accept as credentials. Can the son or daughter of Denzel Washington act? Maybe, but I can almost guarantee that they will have more of a chance to get… Read More ›

The Present One

Let’s say you were interviewing God for a job and it went something like this: “Okay, Yahweh, what we’re looking for here is a god who can turn this country around. I mean, this place is a mess; full of corruption and immorality. Women and children are abused; the poor are cheated; the weak are… Read More ›