Mistaken Identity

Let’s say that you are super famous. You, sir or madam, have been in the news a lot. And a lot has been said about you. Most of it not true. And what is true has been seriously hyped up; sensationalized. When you are out and about, you have people come up to you and… Read More ›


Who is Jesus? How you answer this question determines how you approach the story. If Jesus was a good teacher; one of many wise men, then you can read about him and dissect his words and decide for yourself what makes sense in your life. Jesus becomes a buffet all full of options you can… Read More ›


A while back, I mentioned that I didn’t have the Godhead all figured out. A young man approached me and told me he could tell me everything I need to know about the Trinity. Wow! He had God all figured out. Well, that must be nice. I smiled and said, “I’m not sure anyone can… Read More ›

Power and Authority

A while back I was asked to bless one of the cottages in a correction facility. Through the years, I have done this a few times. And why is this a thing, you ask? I mean, what possible difference could it make for me to walk through a building, stepping into every room, and blessing… Read More ›

Faith Touch

In his book “The Oath,” Frank Perretti describes this situation where people’s sins become a black, festering, smelly wound that grows on the body; seeps through their clothing; stains everything it comes into contact with. Can you imagine carrying around your sin like that? Can you imagine trying everything you can to get rid of… Read More ›


Is there still such a thing as demon possession? A lot of Christians will give an automatic “nope!” And is this answer the result of solid theology or does it have more to do with fear? Is there anything in the Bible that tells us that demons have, for some inexplicable reason, decided to give… Read More ›

Calmed Chaos

Storms can be scary. They are unpredictable and wild. They are tempestuous, angry, rampaging forces. No matter how advanced our radars and equipment, we are still constantly surprised. No matter our efforts we cannot control them. All that we can do is to take shelter the best we can; to huddle in basements; to amass… Read More ›

Shared Experience

What makes family family? Accidents of birth? The father who runs away as soon as he discovers that his child is severely handicapped; is he still a father? And what about the mother who decided that she loved a lifestyle and another man more than her babies? Still a mother? The brother who bitterly denounces… Read More ›

Simply Serving

There once was this woman who was deathly ill. If something didn’t change soon, she was going to die. She knew it; she could feel it. Along came this traveling man. He walked into her village and he calmly said, with a smile on his face, “Rise up!” And all of a sudden, she felt… Read More ›

Question of Love

Years ago, a Christian was telling me about another group of Christians who excitedly raised their hands and said “Praise Jesus!” This person’s assessment of the situation was that this was somehow fake and over the top, as if this kind of excitement must be staged. After all people don’t really get excited about Jesus…. Read More ›