Doubled Over

Some people seem all doubled over with burden; bowed down with a horrible weight they can no longer carry; crippled by calamitous life. Some are shackled with feelings of inadequacy. Fyodor Dostoyevsky wrote a series of short stories entitled “Notes from the Underground.” It is all about people who feel invisible; people who mostly go… Read More ›

Get Fruity

Once, there were these three peach trees from Georgia. Why Georgia? All the good peach trees are from Georgia. One of these trees decided that it didn’t want to produce Georgia peaches. It wanted to produce Washington apples. But no matter how hard it tried, if it produced fruit at all, well, it was peaches…. Read More ›

Question of Debt

Did they get what they deserved? In that question there are a few assumptions: they as apposed to us or me; and they deserve to be punished or consequenced – but me? Well, of course not. What are you thinking? And now we have another assumption that existed in Jesus’ day and breathes in our… Read More ›


Maybe our problem is that we don’t understand our debt. I mean if someone takes us to court to give them money we don’t owe them, we are going to resist that with vigor. The one time I went to court to contest a ticket I won. After a motorcycle accident, I was given a… Read More ›


There are experts at reading signs: economic signs; cultural signs; pandemic signs. They study, immersing themselves in learning to recognize and interpret. They gather data and make predictions. They warn of gathering storm clouds or they calm fears with informed predictions of a rebounding economy. Sometimes these sign readers are fear mongers. Sometimes they are… Read More ›

Which Fire

I like the football team the Pittsburgh Steelers. I cheer them on with seasonal loyalty. I often wear a baseball cap sporting their logo in all seasons. Occasionally, someone will say to me, “I hate the Steelers.” I even had a couple people say that Steeler fans are not welcome, you know, wherever I happen… Read More ›


Imagine working at a company where the boss has traveled to another country to conduct business. He was unsure of the duration of this particular trip, so there is no designated coming back date. The person he left in charge seemed reliable enough. You know, when the boss was around and keeping track. But this… Read More ›


Are you, like the Boy Scouts, prepared? And can you be prepared for every eventuality? It doesn’t seem likely does it? Sometimes, the best thing you can do to be prepared is to be willing to roll with life’s twists and turns. There are these sneaky dangers out there. And no one waltzes through life… Read More ›

Awake to Serve

How do you define happiness? Is there some kind of scale, like the Richter Scale, that can give a measurement? Switzerland is 7.1 on the Jolly Scale. And if that measurement is a pathetic 2.3, is there some way to ramp up happiness? Maybe there is a happy mad scientist out there somewhere boiling joy… Read More ›

Treasure and Heart

I saw a commercial the other day that made the statement that science is the only thing that is reliable. I beg to differ. Please let me differ. Not surprisingly, this commercial was produced by a pharmaceutical company in the midst of a pandemic. Trust in science to get you through. Or, more likely, trust… Read More ›