Who is worthy of salvation? I was talking to a group of young people in a correction facility. I wanted to emphasize the concept of forgiveness. You see, we were dealing with the parable of the Prodigal Son and I was attempting to explain the brother’s reaction. His younger brother was not worthy of forgiveness,… Read More ›

Wail and Dance

Part of the years of my youth were spent on a farm up in the mountains of Washington State. Some of my cousins lived in Downey, California, which is basically a Los Angeles suburb. You couldn’t get much different. I can remember one of my cousins asking us what we did for fun. Are you… Read More ›


Have you ever longed to be great; rising above average; seeking to outshine the dross that surrounds you? You leap for the stars and barely leave the ground. It may be easy to blame your life-situation, pointing at your neighborhood or your family or your school, but others seem to be able to rocket above… Read More ›

Mother Reflection

Will this be the last Mother’s Day that my Mom will be here for? Will Sunday be the last Mother’s Day call I make? I don’t know. The truth is, we never know. Do we? But there are times, like now, when the reality of death is more pressing; more present, I guess. My Mom’s… Read More ›


When my Grandpa died my Dad was in the military. My Granny was trying to take care of her younger children by herself. She had just lost her husband and several months earlier her oldest son was killed at Heart Break Ridge in the Korean War. Overwhelming grief seized her. Two neighbors and a doctor… Read More ›


If you brag about your faith, you may just be missing the point of faith. Or maybe what I should say is that faith in and of itself has zero power. You see, you could have all the faith in the world that jumping into the ocean while holding a large rock will help you… Read More ›

Dig Go Down Deep

Once there were these fishermen who never fished. They traveled around and went to conferences about fishing. They blogged about fishing. They debated about proper fishing technics. They argued about whether using a fishing pole or net or your bare hands was the proper way to fish. They discussed the pros and cons of using… Read More ›

Blind Guides and Bad Trees

Plato said something like “Give me your children and I will change the world.” James, in his chapter on the tongue (James 3), which is really about teaching, said that the tongue can set on fire the very course of one’s life. The Nazis understood the significance of this truth and created the “Hitler Youth”… Read More ›

The coin you use

The coin you use! Let’s say that there was this good ol’ boy who decided to take himself a trip to Europe. People told him to exchange his money when he got there, but he refused. He said, “This is good ol’ American money. Its better than whatever money they have.” He went into a… Read More ›

Love Your Enemies

In the early 1980s, King Hussein of Jordan received word that seventy-five of his army officers were meeting in a barracks plotting a coup. The soldier giving the intel asked for permission to surround the barracks and arrest the men. King Hussein contemplated for a moment and then said, “No. Acquire a small helicopter and… Read More ›