Some moments are, well, momentous. Why do we do weddings?  Why rings? Why unity candles? Why end with a kiss? There are a lot of symbols mixed up with this occasion. Symbols intended to add significance; weight. Some think weddings have become obsolete; mere ceremony without real meaning. Why not just set up house together?… Read More ›

Jesus is king

Jesus is king! But there are many who refuse to acknowledge his lordship. Its more than that really. They hate the very idea of Jesus being king. They may be okay if he is relegated to a somewhat nice guru. But if he is king, you have to obey him.


When I do a Bible study at the Youth Correction Center, some of the students come because I have snacks or because it is an opportunity to leave the cottage. I have heard several of the youth say, “I hate it when kids come just for the snacks.” I always respond with, “I’m okay with… Read More ›

Faithful Approach

What does faith look like? Is it a tool to subjugate God to our wants? In the book “Gone with the Wind” Scarlett O’Hara views prayer as a bargaining tool. “I will be good if you keep this bad thing from happening or make this good thing happen.” That sort of thing. And because that… Read More ›


In the book “Pride and Prejudice” Elizabeth’s cousin, Mr. Collins, proposed to her. I know. But the time frame allowed for that kind of thing. Now, Mr. Collins is a minister and he is well connected. After all, his patroness is the Lady DeBerg. Naturally, he expects Elizabeth to say “yes, of course I’ll marry… Read More ›

Kingdom Family

His name is Intong. Originally, he was from Laos and he, and his entire family, were Buddhist. He was a professor who was conscripted into the Vietnam army. Even though this was not his choice, he was determined to be a traitor and if he had returned to his homeland he would have been arrested…. Read More ›

The Eye of the Needle

Paul told the Corinthians to consider their calling; to look around and see who answered the call to follow Christ. Well, not many wise according the flesh; not many mighty and not many noble; have shown up and swelled the ranks of the church. We could add here that not many rich people have shown… Read More ›

Good Grief

             There is tension in the Bible. Many a misunderstanding is found here. I received a box of books last week addressed to the chaplain of the Youth Correction Center. The author wanted me to make these books available to the students. Well, I’m going to do some reading before I just hand out random… Read More ›

Baby Blessing

Just so you know, I know that there is something about children that can melt our hearts. But there is also plenty that will frustrate us into a frazzle. We can debate the point of whether or not they have sin. But the truth is that children can be selfish, demanding, jealous, manipulative, bullies, and… Read More ›

Position in Prayer

Its ironic. Its frustrating. More on that later. I’ve heard people excuse their negative behavior by saying, “I am not a saint after all.” Well, if you are a follower of Christ, you are indeed a saint. You are set apart; not for common use; holy. Now, here is the ironic and frustrating part: the… Read More ›