Healed to Work

Much was lost in the fall, and we have to live with the consequences. You see, I’m pretty sure mankind didn’t wrestle with illnesses in the Garden. I’m fairly confident that mankind worked and got tired. But my guess is that it was a satisfying end of the day tiredness – the kind of weariness… Read More ›

The Answer to Evil

In the Greco-Roman world demons were neither good nor evil. Socrates believed that everyone should have their own personal demon. Plato taught that you should never attempt to do something important like found a city without the assistance of demons. They believed that if you could discover the true name of a demon, then you… Read More ›


An offer, a rejection, and a result. That is the story. It is an old story, spanning millennia. It is God’s story. It plays out from the Garden and continues on through until the fulfillment of eternity. God offered man a beautiful garden life; a life of perfect relationships – relationships between mankind and God,… Read More ›

Be True to God

Some people believe that purpose in this life is to be found in being true to yourself; that the highest calling is self-expression – to express yourself in whatever way feels right to you. And who better to determine what feels right to you than yourself? I mean, if the goal is to be true… Read More ›

Who’s Your Daddy?

Who’s your Daddy? Who is in charge here? And isn’t this at the heart of temptation? Are you going to control your own destiny or are you going to walk in the will of God? At the heart of the Fall – you know the whole Garden of Eden fall of mankind thing – was… Read More ›

Lineage of Rebellion

Ah Adam! Perfect nobility according to the Jewish philosopher Philo. Unique among all of mankind. You see Adam’s father was not mortal, but was God himself. God poured as much of his own nobility into Adam as his human body could handle.


A young lady on a volleyball team is diagnosed with cancer. And when the treatment makes her hair fall out, every one of her teammates goes and gets their heads shaved. There is something beautiful here isn’t there? There was absolutely no physical reason for these young ladies to become inexplicably bald. But there is… Read More ›

Good News Exposed

What do you do when the good news causes bad; when the truth of God’s word gets you into trouble? I have a friend who, years ago, as a preacher, was told by the elders that he could no longer preach that Jesus is God. You see there was this family with lots of money…. Read More ›

Salvation and Judgement

Once there was this restaurant owner. His business was floundering. And here’s why; his employees were lazy. But the owner didn’t want to make anyone feel bad. So, he gave his employees a hug and told them things like, “Good job!” or “Look at you doing nothing all day! We’re lucky to have you.” As… Read More ›

Practical Fruit Bearing

The word of God is not intended to merely be a collection of theological statements to be debated by the spiritual elite. As I was trying to figure out where to begin with this week’s article, I was listening to “Like a Match” by Toby Mac. The chorus is “If it’s real we gotta show… Read More ›