The Fulfiller

I know this is not a perfect analogy. You could poke holes in it if you wanted to. But here we go anyway – the movie 42 is based on the story of Jackie Robinson breaking the color lines in professional baseball. Branch Rickey, the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers, was, of course, instrumental in… Read More ›

Shepherds Heard

Long gone were the days of a shepherd boy becoming king. Don’t get me wrong, they loved the story, but they really didn’t love shepherds. They sang the twenty-third Psalm – proudly claiming Yahweh as their shepherd. Ah but real shepherds lived outside like animals; smelled like animals; and were thought of as animals.

Painfully Normal

In 43 BC Gaius Octavius was one of the triumvirate – three men set up to rule the world following the assassination of Julius Caesar. By 27 BC the Senate gave him the title of Augustus and effectively handed rule of Rome into his hands. I’m not sure that they had much of a choice…. Read More ›

Hope Rises

You and I live in the morning times. We roll out of bed, full of thoughts of yesterday; thoughts of what has been done; thoughts of what had been started and left unfinished. Hopefully, we also face the morning with thoughts of what can be done; thoughts full of hope and anticipation. We live in… Read More ›

The Hand of God

A significant word or phrase overused can become insignificant. If everything is “awesome” then nothing really is and the word has lost its way – its meaning and its power. The word can now be applied to a butterfly when originally it meant drop you to your knees with fearful awe. In the same way,… Read More ›

The Tale of Two Ladies

This is the tale of two women; two women who discovered that God had miraculously made them mothers; mothers of a son who would serve with significance. Both of these women broke out in song praising God for being the kind of God who had blessed them in their personal insignificance; the kind of God… Read More ›


In November of 2017 my son had an infection that had morphed into a flesh eating bacteria. We discovered on the way down, that emergency surgery was going to be a thing. The surgery was successful, but there would be a long road of recovery. My wife made the decision to stay down and provide… Read More ›

Average and Yes

Our mistake is that we think that God would surely choose the truly important people to carry out his will. You know, the Spiritual Superstars. The A listers of holiness. Surely he would not choose a teenage girl from a poor little dusty village to be the mother of the Messiah. And if this village… Read More ›

Hidden Blessings

Sometimes the blessings of God are hidden. Sometimes I think God does this on purpose, hoping we will spend time and effort seeking – kind of like a treasure hunt. I think Jesus may have said something about a treasure hidden in a field. And sometimes we simply cannot see the blessings because our expectations… Read More ›

The Movement of God

The focus of the Story is the movement of God. Ah, but within that movement there is also the tale of those whom God chooses to move through. This is not about salvation. This is about who God chooses to accomplish his will; to carry the message of God to kings; to lead the people… Read More ›